Journal| It’s about time you showed up FALL!

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You’re late Fall! How dare you!

Fall showed up here in my part of Pennsylvania. For a while there I thought Fall would skip and go to Winter. Like it did from Winter to Summer. Ugh! I HATE the heat too!

But I was super happy to see Fall here. Despite all the rain we’ve been getting. I haven’t seen a blue sky in weeks. It’s been overcast and too cloudy. I almost forgot what a blue sky looked like.

But! It’s finally here and I couldn’t be happier. There’s nothing like the beauty of the colors of the leaves from trees. The cool brisk windy air blowing the leaves around and to the ground.

These types of things you see here are so different from what you see in Florida. We don’t have the 4 seasons. Its Hot Summer, Semi Hot Winter (May get lucky if it stays cold) and that’s pretty much it all year round. SUPER BORING!

Yeah! I know we got the beaches but you know what? (I’ve been there done that). Being born and raised in Florida. I’ve had my fair share of the beach. I’m not much of a beach person now. I got that all out of my system when I was a kid.

Favorite things to do during the Fall

My Favorite thing about Fall; is the ability to snuggle up in some warm, cozy pajamas, sip some Hot Tea or Cocoa. Just your typical colder weather things that all people who love Fall do. After 3 years of “OMG, I’m freezing my boobs off” and “HOLY CRAP ITS COLD”. I’m all settled in now, even though I say its Cold as Hell. I’ve become accustomed to it. Now I just go on with my business like the rest of the experienced Northerners do.

What about you?

Comment below if you’re a Fall person? If not, what is your favorite season? What type of things do you like to do during the fall?

Many Blessings

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