Works in Progress|Top-Down Hat

Figuring out Top-Down construction

Since I started knitting. I have always been intrigued by Top-Down knitted hats. Even though it took me a few couples of years to be good enough at knitting to try it.

Now 7 years later I have learned the basics of knitting. I feel more comfortable with it. Most of my knitting has been mostly socks, a few hats (bottom up).

I decided why not try a hat Top-Down. So, I grabbed my needle and cheap yarn and started. I did have a few issues though. How to start?I went to my handy-dandy YouTube and watched a few videos. Looked at a few patterns that said it was Top-Down.

Looked at their construction. Then I started.This is what I got so far. It’s a bit more complete now than in the picture. But, I really liked doing the hats this way.

I’m not sure how I’d go about it color knitting. But, maybe I’ll try that later on.I’ll keep you updated on the hat. I will post finished project when done.

My Ravelry Project Page for this project~HereNot an Affiliate link

Here are a few YouTube videos I used to help me

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