Works in Progress|Knitting a top-down hat

When I started knitting, I’ve always been intrigued by Top-Down knitted hats. Even though it took me several years to become proficient enough to try them.
I began knitting 7 years ago, learning the basics. I feel much more comfortable now with knitting. I have made mostly socks with a few hats too.

Figuring out Top-Down construction

I decided to make a hat Top-Down, so I grabbed some cheap yarn and got started. But I had some issues. How to start? I looked at a few videos on YouTube. Checked out the patterns that said it was Top-Down.
I examined their construction and then started. This is the result so far. This is a bit more complete than in the picture. But I really like this variation of the hats.
Perhaps I will try color knitting later. I will keep you posted when the hat is done. I will post a finished picture of the project when finished.

My Ravelry Project Page for this project~Here –Not an Affiliate link

Here are a few YouTube videos I used to help me

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