Finished Objects| The knitted slouchy cat beanie

|Most recent Finished Object

•Basic Construction•

I’ve recently finished my oldest daughters slouchy cat hat. Which is just your normal, basic bottom-up hat. If you’ve made a lot of hats like me.-I’ve knit about 4 hats so far—By now I have it pretty well memorized.

•Picking an Image & Yarn•

So since I had to knit her a hat before the next winter. I started to search around for turtle images-since she loves turtles- did a few swatches- Hated it-Did more searches- found a cat image, tried it-loved it-and used it. I was very happy with it. Even though-I’m still very new to color knitting. I didn’t want to jump way to it at that moment-So I took the easy route by using a variegated yarn. I really wanted to at least add an image to this very plain rusty brown color hat. The yarn is a mystery yarn I got from an online knitting friend.


•Project start & Favorite Podcast•

Before starting this hat. I decided to pop on one of my favorite Podcasters to watch as I knit-Skeindeer Knits- I absolutely LOVE HER! I‘ve recently nominated her as one of my Favorite podcasters this week. If you haven’t seen the post. Go here to read about where you can watch her, too. Also added her Instagram & her Ravelry Designer page.©Olesia•Wool•Knits

•Halfway there!•

I was extremely proud of how the hat looked at this point. Already knitted all the cats onto it. I just HAD to snap a quick in-between shot of it to share. Look how the rusty red shows. Beautiful rusty brown. I just wish I knew the name of the yarns. -Sad face-

•Project Notes•

SIZE: Adult medium (21″)PATTERNS: No patterns used for a basic hat but not including the cat image. YARN WEIGHT: DK Weight Yarn NAME: Mystery Yarn (Sorry)NEEDLES: #6GAUGE: 24-26sts x 4″NOTES:-Since my daughter didn’t want a tight hat. I decided to use the same size needle throughout the hat.-The cat Motif was a 16sts image-I knit K2, P2 for 1.5″-I did 25th rows before the decrease-Next time I’ll use a smaller needle for the brim of hats

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