Q&A|What are the personality traits you admire the most about people?

The 1st trait I admire the most is compassion.

  • People with the most compassion. Whether it be toward humans, animals, and the environment.
  • The ones who care about other living things and be thoughtful of their actions.
  • It’s the kind of person who doesn’t get caught up in themselves.

The world needs more compassion.

If everyone were to show compassion to those around them, there would be fewer problems. It seems that a lot of people have too much ego. They only think about themselves.

What benefits THEM, what can THEY get, what can THEY use, and what can THEM use.

When we show more compassion, we could feed the poor, help people experiencing homelessness, find places to live, or build houses. Instead of arresting those who provide for the poor or help people experiencing homelessness, the family could spend more family time with each other.

As opposed to being employees of massive corporations whose only purpose is to produce high volumes and satisfactory quality products at the expense of quality and value of the family, mental and physical health.

We should allow for longer sick times and enable parents to bond with their newborns or care for their sick parents. They should let us not throw the elderly into nursing homes and waste their time and money.

Our compassion would lead us to be kinder to the earth, and the world would be plentiful for everyone. By keeping the planet clean and instead of throwing trash into it, we should recycle the use of things.

The 2nd most admired trait is Ambition

  • People who set goals or apply a mindset go for it and achieve them.
  • Their goal is always to look on the bright side of life.

Even though things may not be going as smoothly as they would like, they still persevere and keep going for what they want. Having ambition is a good and a bad thing. Of course, there are times when someone’s dream leads them to hurt others. When this happens, do not be unaware that it could cause problems for you.

Our ambition goes awry without compassion. When you have too much ambition, you can get too selfish and not care about those around you. If you take it too far, it can hurt someone with both compassion and ambition. It becomes a balance. You can accomplish great things if you maintain balance.


Tell me about the traits of a person that you admire.


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